Member Questions

What was the process for developing the draft Principles?

The Two Sides Principles were decided after extensive discussion by all members of the Print and Paper Sustainability Group during March 2009.

The Two Sides Principles demonstrate significant commitment by members of Two Sides to measure, manage and reduce their environmental impact.

What makes this initiative different from others?

Two Sides draws its membership from all sectors of the Graphic Communications supply chain.

Two Sides will actively promote the sustainability of the Industry setting out the facts and ensuring that erroneous and misleading environmental statements are refuted; providing in return accurate and verifiable information which reflects the activity of the industry in developing sustainable practices.

Two Sides members also believe in and will adopt a set of Principles which demonstrate their environmental commitment.

How is Two Sides organised?

The key decision making body of Two Sides is the Print and Paper Sustainability Group, drawn from leading membership companies spanning the whole supply chain.

Any member can apply to join the Sustainability Group by writing to the Board of Two Sides. The Group will be restricted to a manageable number. To ensure effectiveness, the Sustainability Group is split into Sector Groups who will meet to decide how member companies in their sector can contribute to Two Sides, delivering actions to promote the Two Sides message.

A Marketing Group will discuss and recommend ways to deliver the Two Sides messages, assisted by the specific skills offered by Partner Members . Good governance of Two Sides is provided by the Board

How will Two Sides ensure the transparency of its activities?

Two Sides will provide an annual, publicly available,report on its activities. Two Sides also releases a regular newsletter to members and interested parties.

Two Sides accounts and membership will be made publicly available.

How will Two Sides fit with existing industry standards and initiatives?

It is envisaged that the Two Sides Principles and Member Commitments will be recognised as setting a standard that will give confidence to Print and Paper users and all stakeholders that members are acting in a sustainable manner in all areas of their operations.

It is recognised that there are many accreditation schemes which seek to assure purchasers of Print and Paper that materials meet certain criteria. These are, however, very often limited to one aspect of process or
manufacture whereas Two Sides provides an assurance of the whole organisation's approach to their activities. Membership of Two Sides requires that members are implementing sustainable environmental practices right across their organisations.

Is Two Sides legally constituted?

Two Sides operates as an Industry Association will take all necessary steps to ensure that its activities comply with all applicable competition rules.

Two Sides has adopted an Anti-trust Compliance Policy which seeks to ensure that all its Members are aware of their competition law obligations and at all times act in accordance with all applicable competition rules.

Who can become a member?

Any organisation involved in the Graphic Communication Supply Chain who adopts and practices, and if requested can show compliance with, the prevailing Two Sides Principles, may request to become a Two Sides Member.

The eligibility and suitability of the applicant will be determined by the Director of Two Sides. If membership is refused the applicant may appeal to the board of Two Sides. Any decision, regarding an applicant's membership of Two Sides, will be at the Board's sole discretion.